Sustainable Development Goals

From 2001 to 2015, the eight Millennium Development Goals comprised an ambitious agenda to help developing countries. Now with 17 Sustainable Development Goals, an even bolder agenda has been launched to help people in both developing and developed countries to achieve healthier, fuller lives and at the same time protect Nature. Join us in learning about the SDGs and helping to achieve them in Canada and around the world.

Human Rights

Canadians have been working with the UN since the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 by helping to define and defend the rights (of all members of the human family) that are essential to the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. There is still much for us to do to advance gender equality, protection of children, religious freedom, and safe working conditions – to name a few issues.


Climate Change

Working with members of the UN family (e.g. IPCC and WMO), scientists have been warning the global community of a growing risk of disasters, as pollution upsets Earth systems and engenders destructive and dangerous extreme weather. Learn with us and help inform others of what is known and how we can work with the UN to slow pollution and reduce the risks to the safety and security of people around the world.

Humanitarian Aid and Disasters

Natural disasters, armed conflict and large-scale accidents injure people, destroy communities, damage economies, and displace populations. When these disruptions and destruction occur UN entities, joined by nongovernmental organizations, jump to give medical care, feed the hungry, and provide shelter. Become part of an effort to spotlight this aid and generate support for prevention and preparedness for disasters.

Arms Control and Disarmament

The UN is working to prevent, limit and resolve armed conflict by restricting trade in conventional arms and disarming combatants. Risks also related to nuclear weapons (their theft by terrorists, use in a regional conflict or by a rouge regime or by major nuclear powers through misjudgement or accident) are the focus of renewed efforts by the UN and experts. They need informed support from grassroots activists like us.

Food Security

With a growing global population and rising standards of living, demand for food is rising. However, destructive forces, e.g. some unleashed by climate change, are threatening agriculture and fish-stocks, creating challenges for science, commerce, and our life-styles and diet. At the same time, the UN is feeding those affected by today’s war and disaster. Help us to review the trends and how we can aid in feeding the world.

Science and Technology for Progress

Across the UN’s family, a variety of expertise in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM – as it increasingly being called) is being tapped to help study problems and identify proven or possible solutions. From fighting hunger and disease to providing peacekeeping and education, innovations fed by STEM are helping humanity. Let’s explore how and where this is happening and encourage more of it.


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