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Active for over fifty years, the United Nations Association in Canada – National Capital Region Branch (NCRB-UNAC) is a local, not-for-profit organization that works to educate, engage, and connect the citizens of the National Capital Region with the work of the United Nations. We work to:

  • Promote the study of international problems and Canada’s relations as a member of the United Nations and its related agencies
  • Foster mutual understanding, goodwill, and co-operation between the people of Canada and those of other countries
  • Provide information about, and stimulate public interest in, the United Nations and its various agencies

Working in partnership with our parent organization, the National Office of the United Nations Association in Canada (UNA-Canada), the NCRB-UNAC is one of the largest and most vibrant branches of UNA-Canada.

National Capital Region


What is the UNAC?

UNA Canada

The United Nations Association in Canada (UNA-Canada) is a national charitable organization established in 1946. Their mandate is to engage the Canadian public in the work of the United Nations and the critical international issues which affect us all. They accomplish their goals through a dynamic staff team at the National Office and a network of volunteer-driven regional branches.

The United Nations Association in Canada strives for a better world through a variety of national projects focused on specific issues and audiences. They work closely with the educational communities in every province and territory to build their capacity to educate young people from a global perspective. They also work directly with youth, challenging them to develop the tools and skills necessary to confront some of the world’s most complex problems.

UNA-Canada’s projects also aim to define foreign policy priorities for our government. They host seminars and conferences with a variety of stakeholders and produce informative publications on topics such as peace and security, human rights, and sustainable development.

Everyday, UNA-Canada responds to public requests for information on the United Nations, Canada’s international priorities, and a range of global issues. Each year, UNA-Canada awards its prestigious Pearson Peace Medal to a Canadian who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of international service and understanding.


Want to get involved? Here are some of the ways you could help.

Become a Member

Being a member of NCRB-UNAC has it’s perks – like a shiny new copy of our newsletter delivered to your door. In order to become a member all you need to do is sign up to make a small, medium or large monthly contribution to support the work of our organization. Signing up to become a member is quick and easy. We are very appreciate for the ongoing support of our members.


The NCRB-UNAC is comprised only of volunteers. We have no employees and so unfortunately cannot offer summer employment to students. There are many ways, however, that you could contribute to our modest organization through large and small activities at different times of the year and with varying degrees of responsibility. We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help with campaigns, fundraising and organizing events.

Attend or Organize an Event

The NCRB-UNAC seeks to promote awareness and to engage the community in the work of the UN and we regularly hold events to do just that.  You could get involved by partnering with us to host an event or volunteer with us to help organize events, or you could always just come on out to our next event and check out what we’re all about.

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