Dear fellow members and friends,

   With casualties mounting on both sides, the destruction of Ukraine continuing, and dangerous Russian allusions to nuclear weapons, many are wondering what different ways the Russo-Ukrainian war could end or be ended – and at what cost.  

  As a former strategic analyst in foreign intelligence, I have my doubts that anything short of Putin’s demise is going to open up prospects for peace.  However, not everyone is as pessimistic.

   This coming Wednesday, October 5th, 1:00-2:00PM, Ottawa’s Group of 78 will be hosting a webinar with guest speaker Ernie Regehr – an Officer of the Order of Canada and one of this country’s foremost peace researchers.  His presentation is entitled “War in Ukraine: Possibilities for a Peace Settlement”.  

   For more background on Ernie Regehr, the moderator John Foster (an expert on international banking) and preliminary reflections on the course of the war, go to:

Yours, Shane Roberts (President)

National Capital Region Branch (NCRB), United Nations Association in Canada

On behalf of NCRB’s Executive Committee: Tara-Marie Andronek (Past President), Georgina Bencsik, and Barb Darling, and associates Laura Bradbury and Madison Kennedy-Jones.

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