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Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

CNANW Roundtable & Meeting – April 19, 2018

Note: Media Event at 11 AM

Venue: Garden Room, Elizabeth Bruyere Hospital, 43 Bruyère St., Ottawa. (TBC)

CNANW Roundtable: “Upcoming Challenges; Canadian Leadership?”


8:30 to 8:45 AM​Registration

8:40 to 8:42 AM ​Welcome – Bev Delong, Chairperson, CNANW

8:45 to 9:05 AM ​Keynote Address by the Hon. Douglas Roche O.C.:

“Fighting Back Against the Shrill Voices of Fear:

Sanity and Security in Abolishing Nuclear Weapons”

Former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament, former Senator and author, Douglas Roche takes on the NATO prophets of doom who still blindly believe that nuclear weapons are the “supreme guarantee” of security.

The new humanitarian movement is right in foreseeing catastrophic consequences of the use of nuclear weapons. The Prohibition Treaty must be supported by the Canadian government. This dangerous moment of the new nuclear arms race by the U.S. and Russia, built on fear, calls for the re-activation of Canadian diplomacy to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Parliamentarians especially need to be energized — and there’s a federal election coming! Now is the time to launch a united Canadian effort to replace fear with hope for peace in a fractured world.

9:05 to10:30 AM ​Roundtable discussion with Chairperson: Bev Delong

“Canada’s engagement on nuclear disarmament

at the upcoming international fora”

First discussants:

9:05 to 9:25 AM: ​US Nuclear Posture Review

– Peggy Mason, President, The Rideau Institute

9:25 to 9:45 AM: ​NPT 2018 Preparatory Committee

– Cesar Jaramillo, Executive Director, Project Ploughshares (TBC)

(CNANW’s recommendations to MFA Freeland to be circulated.)

9:45 – 10:00 AM: ​Other Multilateral Initiatives: G7, UN High Level Conference

– Earl Turcotte, Member, CNANW Steering Committee

and Group of 78.

10:01 to 10:30AM: ​NATO Summit, July 2018

– Ernie Regehr (TBC)

(CNANW’s recommendations to MFA Freeland to be circulated.)

11:00 AM – noon ​Is Canada Prepared for a Nuclear War?


– Chairperson: (TBC)

– Representative, Public Safety Canada (TBC)

– Dr. Tina Serradine, Executive Director,

Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (TBC)

Noon to 1:00 PM ​Lunch break

For more information and to register contact:

Bev Delong <>

Cost: $45, includes lunch

MEMBERS ONLY 1:00pm to 4:30pm

1:00 to 4:30 PM CNANW Meeting

OPEN TO 2 Reps of each CNANW member group

1:00 PM ​​Reflections on the

“2018 Dialogue on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation”

(Government- Civil Society Consultation) scheduled for April 20

for invited participants.

2:00 PM ​​Dr. Jonathan Down, Chairperson, CNANW Special Committee

– Introduction of Report of the CNANW Special Committee

(by Skype)

2:10 to 4:30 PM ​Open Discussion on the Recommendations set out in the Report and development of a plan of action for their implementation.

(Appendix A)

Facilitator: Debbie Grisdale

Rapporteur: Robin Collins (TBC)

The Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (CNANW) was established in 1996 by representatives of national organizations that share the conviction that nuclear weapons are immoral and should be abolished. We believe that Canada should lead in working for their early abolition. CNANW’s nineteen member organizations include faith communities, professional groups, peace and women’s organizations — all of whom work in various ways for nuclear abolition. We endorse the following statement:

“We believe that the use and threat of use of nuclear weapons are abhorrent and morally wrong. We call on the Government of Canada to work urgently with other nations to conclude a convention which will set out a binding timetable for the abolition of all nuclear weapons in the world.”

CNANW and its members do work to educate the public, and conduct seminars, consultations and meetings with the public, officials and politicians in Canada and abroad. All this work is with the purpose of advancing the cause of nuclear disarmament and moving the world toward abolition of nuclear weapons.

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